Frequently Asked Questions

The mattress size is unique, so if you prefer a fitted sheets that fits exactly we recommend you purchase a set. Alternatively you can use a larger sheet and fold it over. The mattress protector can give your mattress a longer stain-free life if your baby is prone to vomiting.

The mattress protector is waterproof.

The 4 main advantages of the Dream Edition are enumerated in the description on the product page:

  • A one-hand twist drop-down to the side panel nearest the bed to easily change configurations
  • A rocking motion base
  • Four wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Both sides of the crib have breathable mesh for easy visibility

The color and design is also preferred by many. However, the dimensions and essential functions are exactly the same for both.

This will depend on the size and nature of your baby. The manufacturer states that it can be used until the baby is 6 months or 20lbs, but many use it for a lot longer, until 9 months or so.
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