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This award winning side-sleeping crib will allow you to sleep next to your baby safely, without being in the same bed. This means your child can sleep in the cosy “next2me” crib and be cuddled and breast-fed comfortably without you having to get out of bed, helping new-borns adjust their sleeping pattern and improve parent-child bonding.

Suitable from birth to 6 months and beyond, the “next2me” can later be detached from your own bed and progressively moved away, and then be used in the child’s bedroom. It is also the lightest travel crib on the market, so it can travel with you everywhere thanks to the free travel bag included.

The Chicco Next To Me is extremely versatile, with its wide height range and its folding feet enabling it to adapt to almost all beds, even ones with drawers. The crib height can also be adjusted individually through six different positions at either end, making it ideal for creating a slight incline if your baby is suffering from congestion or reflux.

If you need to feed or cuddle your little one during the night, we are certain you will love this crib.

Chicco Next To Me Features include:

  • Infant mattress
  • Padded sides for optimum comfort
  • Free storage bag for travel
  • Removable and washable lining
  • Adjustable height range
  • Easy to manoeuver using fitted wheels & brakes
  • Fits almost all beds
  • Easy to assemble and use




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17 reviews for Chicco Next 2 Me Side Sleeping Crib – Chick2Chick – Beige

  1. great price, great

  2. I can’t rate this crib high enough. It is the ULTIMATE option for anyone that wants to feel like their baby is literally next to them. What I love about it is that when breastfeeding it gives you that ease to literally lift your baby out of the crib without having to get out of bed! You can see your baby when you’re lying down and if they cry you can just pop your hand on their tummy to reassure them and settle them.
    This crib is easy to set up, it also has the option of having the side zip up or zip down.
    We have a divan bed so the great thing about this crib is that the legs fold sideways to allow you to put it right up against the bed. So it doesn’t matter whether you have room or no room under your bed, there are options to have it next to the bed. You can also change the height so that it’s level with your mattress.
    There is a lot more room in this crib than the standard mose basket so it would last longer than normal.
    Worth every penny and will help you build that bond with your baby as well as feeling like you have the perfect set up for rest yourself.
    Can’t recommend this enough!

  3. Bought for granddaughter who lives on Amsterdam. Delivery within a week. Easy to assemble took just a few minutes.

  4. Very sturdy, easy fr me to reach my little one when needed.

  5. This is the best bedside cot I had ever seen. I wanted to avoid a Moses basket as I have other children and I was worried they might knock a Moses basked down. Moses baskets are very unsteady on their bases. This one is very stead and stable. I was worried about dropping one side next to my bed for a while, but then had the courage to and never looked back.. Also, it is a larger than a Moses basket yet still small enough. The legs have sides that can bend to allow fitting in small corners. It looks very neat and tidy. Expensive compared to Moses basket but when you see how its made and what its made of, the cost is justifiable.

    My only regret is that it is hard to find a decent mattress protecter and fitted sheets for its size. The recommended mattress protecter has large meshy sides that don’t provide a full coverage.

  6. Possessing reassuring quality, robustness and stability, the Chicco Next2me crib is an excellent bedside sleeper enabling newborn babies to be alongside their parent(s) in a safe space set aside from the main bed but easily reachable from it.

    Assembly is exceptionally straightforward, requiring just a few minutes despite having rather complex-looking pictorial instructions.

    The ease with which the Next2Me crib’s height can be set is a real boon, especially as the ends can be individually adjusted: great for babies with colds or reflux. The inclusion of a travel bag is an interesting option although the bulk and weight of the crib makes it hard for me to think under what circumstances it would be truly “portable”.

    Things to bear in mind include the mattress dimensions, which require a non-standard size of fitted sheet and might feel too open for smaller babies wanting to have the security of boundaries within touching distance. The material composition means it can also be quite noisy should baby be particularly active or fidgety.

    The feet, which are necessarily long to provide the stable footing the product exhibits, may conflict with certain bed types as they need to extend quite far underneath. Handily though, there are foldable segments to these to lessen that problem somewhat.

    It is a great product, not only for breastfeeding mums but for restless newborns and anyone wanting to keep their baby close at night during that difficult and unpredictable first phase of life as you get to know your baby. As a co-sleeping option it is, to my mind, well worth the money.

  7. Excellent, wish I bought it when I had my first child!

  8. Good product and easy to assemble. Great to travel with too.

  9. Very easy to set up and have next to us. Mattress isn’t the softest. Definitely worth it so we can have baby close and safe.

  10. Excellent buy on Black Friday price.

  11. It’s good. Like that it opens at one side for easy access

  12. Combine this with the sleepyhead mattress and a swaddled baby and you have the perfect combination for a cosy, comfy (and transportable!) baby. And a good nights sleeps for mummy too! Can’t rate it highly enough.

  13. As a mother of 4 and only brought this this time round I wish I had brought it sooner, it’s my best baby buy by far.
    It’s a lovely size and lasts months, the baby is safe and you can hear and see them all the time and they are so easy for night time feeds.
    Some reviews has said the mattress is hard, yes it’s hard but all baby mattress are on the harder side and my baby slept well so it didn’t bother him.

  14. This has been great for us and baby. All sleeping sounder and easy for breastfeeding.

  15. Lovely cot.

  16. Great. This is ideal for a first bed for baby. Much more room for baby than a Moses basket or some of the similar products available. Sturdy and secure love it.

  17. This is a great purchase. So pleased with the quality and the ease of installation. My baby is next to our bed which makes it so easy to check on him throughout the night but also provides him the space to roll. Highly recommend to any parents.

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